Spiritual Belly Dance

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LIVIN’ BODY is a new series of Movement/Embodiment workshops that are designed for those who would like to live with more sense of balance bwtween their head and body.  Most of us spend too much time in our intellectual center, thinking, planning, analyzing, worrying, and complaining – all in a way that promotes circular thinking that keeps us stuck in our present state of mind.  These fun and enlivening workshops are designed to help us experience the way our bodies are just the perfect resource to keep us PRESENT in the moment at hand while giving us perspective on troubling challenges.  We will engage in a variety of activities including reflection, breathing, movement, and dyadic and group activities that will help us learn to become more contactful with our physical selves.   Here are the details:

Tap into the deeper YOU!

 2015 dates TBA
3 SUNDAYS: 3:15-5:15 pm
All 3 workshops only $75!

 Live in YOUR BODY instead of just in your head

Most of us over-rely on our noggins and miss out on the richer parts of life.
Contact your untapped resource.  Embodiment is at your fingertips!

These unique workshops will help you:
Feel more comfortable and at home in your body
Trust your body as a resource

Learn simple techniques to:
Get out of your head when you are over thinking any challenge
Bring yourself back to your body in your everyday, hectic life
Relax and Unwind through playing with movement!

Sheila Kelly is a mind-body workshop leader & belly dance teacher who teaches movement “from the inside-out”. Her holistic approach helps people  tap into their somatic (body) presence, power, and potential.

$75 for all 3 workshops
Drop Ins $30/workshop
Partial Scholarships available for those in need

PRE-register w/Sheila @ 720-530-6555 or email sheila_dana@hotmail.com.
Confirmation with Payment options (due before workshops) will be sent.


Come to Evergreen & find yourself and feel your presence through belly dancing.

90-minute workshops focus on the embodiment of belly dancing.  Move deeper into your “practice” of the dance, as you learn to move from the “inside-out”.   Perfect for dancers who wish to explore the spiritual side of the dance, as we will learn to use movement as a pathway to quieting the mind and centering on the “truth” of who we are as women.  We will explore the gentle, inner, mystical side of belly dancing, through:

  • Silent seated meditation and breath work;
  • Guided embodied movement that is mindful, focused, and evolving; and
  • Exercises to help you listen to your body and connect with your deeper feminine power and essence.

For students dancing 4 months or longer, with an understanding of basic movements.  Bring a cushion or chair for seated meditation and dress in loose, comfortable clothing.  No hip wraps needed.   Workshops limited to 8 participants.  Cost $20 per workshop. Find out more today!  Email Sheikha @ SheilaKelly@Outlook.com .

Sheikha will schedule a session for your troop.  Call her at 720-530-6555 to talk!