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Sheila With Chi and Indy

Sheila (Sheikha) With Chi and Indy

Movement is a natural part of who I am.  Belly dancing is the most profound and joyful movement I have ever experienced.  In 1998, it began as an experiment, a chance to get “in touch” with myself.  My first series of classes included over 40 women in a huge circle at a community center in Seattle.  It was overwhelming.  I felt awkward and self-conscious.  After moving to the Denver area, I discovered Belly Dance Concepts, Joynan’s studio in Englewood.  That is where my path into Belly Dancing began.

I danced with Joynan from 1999-2007, moving from a beginner to professional level dancer in her troupe, Navel Maneuvers.  She is now a mentor and friend, and I continue learning from her expertise.  I have also attended workshops with amazing teachers and performers including:  Suzanna Del Vecchio, Rachel Brice, Urban Tribal, Ultra Gypsy, Kassar, Momo Kadous, Fat Chance Belly Dance, among others.  My studies have given me a strong base in technique as well as an ability to combine styles and movements to bring my personal pizazz to my performance and teaching.

I began teaching in early 2002, opening my own studio late that year.  I love teaching!  Sharing this artistic dance form is an honor, and I am privileged to have almost 50 women dancing with me now.  My troupe, Mountain Kahia Dancers, participates in student shows, community events, and haflas. Sheikha Suzara and Saber Student Show

Performing and entertaining are other aspects that I enjoy.  I have performed in many venues, including parties, women’s retreats, community parades and festivals, among other events.  See my events page for more on this.  I vary my performance with sword, fans, Thai fingers, veils, poi, candles and, of course, zills.   In addition, I am part of the professional troupe The Sultry Emberz. I find delight, power, beauty and grace in the dance.  My dance style is technical, playful, and soulful.

My greatest vision and hope for my teaching is the TRANSFORMATION of women:  Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.  My experience of Belly Dancing and the ancient wisdom that it holds is that its very nature is transformative.  If you practice it, with presence and an open heart, the very movement of belly dance will transform your life.

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