Belly Dance DIVAS! 4-week session starts Monday 6/5/17

BELLY Dance DIVAS!  NEW class format –  Email Sheikha to register
Contact your creative & captivating chutzpah!    ALL LEVELS welcome!
June 5, 12, 19 & 26 @ OASIS Studio in Wheatridge

This class has a special flavor: the elixir of Embodied movement!   Proper technical alignment and precision of Middle Eastern movement will be served up, with a side of core conditioning, sprinkled with conscious movement to lead us back to the acceptance and honoring of our inner goddess nature.  Nothing superficial here, just down-to-earth divas learning and embodying an art form older than recorded time.  Experience the body and mind benefits of belly dance.  Then let its deeper intention saturate your heart until you know your gorgeousness from the INSIDE-out.  This dance form was made for a woman’s body & soul!  Get in shape the natural way.

MONDAYS 7-8 pm @ OASIS Dance & Embodiment, 4322 Xenon Street.
Cost $48 a month for four, 1-hour classes.  Drop Ins $15.  ($30/month for students in an existing class – $5 for a make-up).

Don't Miss Out!

Don’t Miss Out!