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Belly dancing is for ALL WOMEN.
All ages, sizes, shapes, dance abilities & backgrounds are welcome!

Experience what belly dancing offers:

  • Conditioning of core muscles,
  • Better flexibility,
  • Stress release and relaxation,
  • Gracious understanding and acceptance of your feminine body and nature,
  • Freedom of expression, and
  • Sisterhood with other women learning this ancient art form that was MADE for our bodies.

My instruction is body centered; focusing on teaching proper technique as well as helping dancers understand movements from inside-out. You know, what the movements feel like in the muscles of your body. It is also heart centered. I use class time for women to share in the camaraderie of belly dancing as they gain the confidence to freely express themselves in class activities. By creating a non-competitive, fun yet focused learning environment, I help women feel comfortable from the moment they enter my studio. Many of my students have been dancing with me for several years.

“Sheila Kelly has been my belly dance teacher for a couple of months now.  I initially thought it would be fun, but what I have gotten from the class has been above and beyond my expectations.  First of all Sheila is a fantastic instructor.  She breaks it down so I get it.  Second, belly dancing provides a community of women and a connection with my own body that are deep needs of mine.  Third, Belly Dancing is a fantastic workout.  My body is toning up.  Problem areas in my shoulder, core and low back are starting to correct.  My posture is improving and I am more grounded in my body at all times.  Last of all – it is fun.  It seems like there is never enough fun in our lives anymore.  I highly recommend Sheila’s class to all women!!”                   Tina, Beginner Student

Dancing Makes you Smarter

Sheikha offers 4 Instructional DVDs!

Belly Dance Basics features 1 hour of instruction, 17-minute workout, and Sheikha’s Beginner Choreograph.
Beginner, Advanced Beginner & Intermediate DVDs 
features 50+ minutes of instruction plus 1-hour conditioning workout focusing on building muscle control, strength & endurance to dance with precision, poise and grace!

SUMMER 2017 Specials
Order on or before September 20, 2017
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Afterwards $25

Sheikha’s Conditioning Workout DVDs On Line Special
1 for $15, 2 for $25, all 3 for $35!   

Afterwards: 1 for $25, 2 for $45, all 3 for $55
Ordered separately, each is $25

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Belly Dance Basics

Sheikha’s Conditioning Workout DVDs

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2017 Class Schedule:


@ Avalon Ballroom, 6186 Arapahoe, Boulder
TUESDAYS – beginning 6/6/17
5:15 PM  Belly Dance DIVAS!


Sheikha’s NEW STUDIO!  Oasis Dance & Embodiment
5:45 PM  Advanced Beginner II
7 PM Belly Dance DIVAS!

PM Intermediate II
6:15 PM Beginner II
7:30 PM Beginner I

COST: $44 – $60  per month (depending on # of students)
for 1-hour classes.

Private lessons are available for $50-90 an hour (Plus studio rental).

Sheikha will come to your home and teach group classes for $100 an hour.

 Sheikha also teaches kids classes upon request, for $85/hour:

Dance moves appropriate and safe for kids ages 5-10 will be taught.  Emphasis will be on learning rhythm, movement coordination, playing with veils, having fun, meeting friends & just hanging out!
$100 to schedule a special class or birthday party for your daughter!

Register for any of these classes with Sheikha @ 720-530-6555 or email her @

Intermediate Class Shanti Home