Belly Dancing with Sheikha

Welcome. Please check your baggage at the door. During your journey, common beliefs about sexiness, body image, and womanhood will be jumbled and rearranged by drops, shimmies and spins. You are entering an age-old tradition, with roots in the heart of feminine expression and spirituality. Welcome to the world of Belly Dancing. Explore the exotic world of Middle Eastern Belly Dancing with Sheikha. Teaching throughout the Rocky Mountain Denver area, Sheikha painting by Michael McCullomSheikha is a Boulder-based, professional teacher, performer and entertainer of oriental dance. Belly dancing helps women anchor into their internal sense of feminine sensuality, not the external images we are told to live up to. I am blessed to be part of this womanly tradition. Belly dancing is more than you ever dreamed of; join us & experience the spirit of the dance.

Here’s what Margot had to say about Sheikha:

“I appreciated your dance at the Celebration.  I had not previously had the privilege of watching your sensuous grace. It was beautiful.”


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SUMMER, 2014 Schedule

Beginner I class in Arvada!
7:15-8:15 PM at Sound Body, Sound Mind Fitness

To register, E-mail Sheikha at   Leave your name and cell number. Call her @ 720-530-6555 with any questions.
Go to INSTRUCTION page for FULL TEACHING schedule and more information.



Sheikha @ Taste of CO 2013